Honest and Impartial Mortgage Advice

Our Services

Here at Signet Mortgages, we are committed to delivering personal and comprehensive advice, no matter your circumstances.

Whether you’re a first time buyer just taking the first step onto the property ladder, or are simply looking to switch to a better deal, we’re here to help.

Why use a mortgage advisor?

Almost everyone can get value out of using an advisor rather than going direct – even if you’ve sorted your own mortgage in the past!

A good mortgage advisor will have excellent knowledge of lender criteria, so a quick chat with one can help you find out what your mortgage options are. This is especially valuable if you have complicated circumstances, for example being a contractor or having imperfect credit history. It’s definitely more efficient to use an advisor’s knowledge than check dozens of lenders yourself!

Beyond the initial chat, mortgage advisors exist to do the heavy lifting for you. They can arrange the initial application, ensuring that it is submitted correctly to avoid any problems or delays. From there, they’ll manage your case all the way through to completion – making sure the whole process goes smoothly!


Our Fees

We aim to be fee free as often as possible – however sometimes, depending on your circumstances, an application may require extra time and attention.

If this is the case, we will discuss a fair fee with you and come to an agreement before proceeding. In every single case, our initial consultation is completely free. If we do need to charge a fee, it will never be up front, and we will only take payment once we’ve successfully received the mortgage offer.