Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We

Lezama Electrical Services Limited (LESL) is an electrical installation contractor. Our organization is dedicated to the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of building electrical systems. We primarily provide services for residential, commercial and light industrial projects. We are essentially a team of experienced and dedicated electrical engineers, electricians and technicians. Our teams focus on project implementation and maintenance.

What We Do

Our expertise in building electrical systems include medium voltage (MV) systems, low voltage (LV) systems and extra low voltage (ELV) systems. We have provided services for 33kV, 12kV and 6.6kV medium voltage systems. These systems typically comprise switch-gear, circuit breakers, cables, transformers, lightning arrestors, voltage regulators and all associated accessories. Our LV portfolio is expansive. The standard equipment and material for our LV works may include but is not limited to the following: LV Panels, Isolators, Busbar, Generators, Automatic Transfer Switches, Dry Type Transformers, UPS, Cables, Wires, Conduit, Lights, Outlets and Switches. For ELV works our organization usually partners with the appropriate sub-contractor. These systems include fire alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Voice and Data, Public Address, etc. We provide the infrastructure for the ELV contractors. Our organization manages the sub-contractors.

Where To Find US

LESL has done hundreds of projects throughout the English-Speaking Caribbean. The majority of these projects have been done in Trinidad and Tobago. As the economic dynamics of the Southern Caribbean changes our opportunities outside of Trinidad and Tobago have progressively increased. Our head office is located at #41 Bengal Street, St. James, Trinidad, West Indies. Our primary warehouse facility is located in Central Trinidad.

When We Started

Lezama Electrical Services Limited (LESL) was established in 1978 by Harold Lezama. We have been in continuous operation from then till now.


Mr. Harold Lezama’s vision was always to provide the client with the best service possible. LESL has built a team of competent staff who strive to realize Mr. Lezama’s vision each and every day. Mr. Harold Lezama passed away on the 23rd April 2017. His organization is now headed by his son, Mr. Otto Lezama along with a core team of engineers, technicians and electricians.